Ponaganset AO-86 - History

Ponaganset AO-86 - History

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(AO-86: dp. 22,380 (f.); 1. 523'6"; b. 68'0"; dr. 30'10", s. 15 k.
cpl. 300; a. 1 5", 4 3", 8 40mm; cl. Suamico, T. T2-SE-A2)

Ponaganset (AO-86) was laid down by Marinship Corp., Sausalito, Calif. as MC Hull No. 1265 on 27 April 1943 launched 10 July 1943; sponsored by Mrs. J. W. Fowler, acquired by the Navy and commissioned 15 May 1944.

Ponaganset reported for duty with the Pacific Fleet 25 June 1944. After shakedown off the west coast, Ponaganset arrived Pearl Harbor 17 July and made a fuel run to Eniwetok and back before departing again on fueling duties for Guadalcanal, Manus, Kossol, Ulithi, Peleliu, and Saipan, reaching Leyte 22 March 1945. In April she refueled the task force off Okinawa, returning there during eaeh of the next three months while moving around the western Pacific touching at Ulithi, Guam, and Leyte where she was to be found at war's end. She then steamed to Ulithi, the Marianas, and Okinawa, before reaching Wakayama, Japan 26 September. She operated at various Japanese ports until steaming for San Francisco, arriving 5 January 1946. She then transited the Panama Canal, and arrived 18 February 1946 at her new homeyard of New York.

She decommissioned 26 April 1946 and was struck from the Navy List 23 April 1947. She was returned to the Maritime Commission for disposal at Norfolk 15 May 1947. In the early part of 1948 the vessel was broken in two and reacquired by the Navy "as is where is" 2 March 1948. On 2 June 1948 title was transferred baek to the Maritime Commission at the Boston Naval Shipyard 30 June 1948. She was sold for scrap to Northern Metal Co. 7 January 1949.

Ponaganset earned 2 battle stars for World War II service.

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