William Paca House and Garden

William Paca House and Garden

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Located in the heart of downtown Annapolis, Maryland, the William Paca House and Garden is a renovated 18th-century Georgian mansion which overlooks a two-acre pleasure garden. This National Historic Landmark, restored by the Historic Annapolis Foundation, iss accredited by the American Association of Museums.Built by Paca in 1763–65, the architecture of the house resembles the English country villas of the time. It contains museum-quality period furnishings including Paca family silver and ceramics.The multi-tier garden has a beautiful outdoor space suitable for weddings and other special occasions. Indoor meeting facilities are also available.The garden is filled with plants of the 18th century. It features walking paths, a wilderness garden, a caterer's kitchen, and the dome of the U.S. Naval Academy Chapel. There is a Chinese Chippendale-style bridge across the goldfish-shaped pond, which leads to a two-story summer house.

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