Lt D.W. Gay's War Effort - Treatment of Prisoners of War

Lt D.W. Gay's War Effort - Treatment of Prisoners of War

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Lt D.W. Gay's War Effort - Treatment of Prisoners of War

This page from Lt D.W. Gay's 'War Effort' is an Allied leaflet on the Treatment of Prisoners of War with six promises:

1 - Immediate Removal from the combat zone
2 - Decent treatment. Because of the Geneva Agreement, you will be treated as soldiers.
3 - Good food. You will receive the same fare as Allied soldiers
4 - hospital treatment. Your wounded and sick are treated just like ours
5 - Writing opportunity. Each of you can write 4 cards and 4 letters home a month
6 - Return. After the end of the war you will be sent back home as soon as possible

Many thanks to Martin Hampton, the son in law of Lt. Gay, for sending us this material. These pages come from Gay's own private notebook which began with similar infomation to his flight log, but became more detailed, and also included a number of interesting items that had been pasted in.

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