The Mystery of Stonehenge, Ancient Petroglyphs and Crop Circles

The Mystery of Stonehenge, Ancient Petroglyphs and Crop Circles

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There are many theories about the origins and functions of Stonehenge. Only through exploring the significance of the electromagnetic universe do we begin to understand the implications of this great stone megalith. Revelations have appeared via another great mystery, crop circles but in a formation so obtuse it was largely bypassed.

In 2009 at Manton, Wiltshire, UK, a stand alone pattern appeared. A peculiar stark design, it attracted little in the way of analysis going largely unexplored.

However it is a major key to much crop circle imagery and meaning; that Earth life is affected and effected through cosmic electromagnetic fields.

Curious “abstract” images carved pan globally on stones by our Neolithic ancestors, of a “Squatting Man,” appear from Arizona, Armenia, Guiana, New Mexico, Spain, Tyrol, The Middle East, Italy, Venezuela and further. The Squatting Man or derivatives of it appear in practically every culture on Earth, from Mayan, Hopi, Celtic, Vedic, Dogon, San (Southern African bushman) Mediterranean, Polynesian, he is present everywhere in many disguises. Compare the likenesses of Manton 2009 with the Squatting Man petroglyph, and a laboratory plasma below. Manton 2009 is a schematic of both plasma and rock images.

Why did our ancestors record the Squatting Man? Why has he reappeared in a crop circle?

After exhaustive research, plasma scientist Anthony Perrat of Los Alamos Labs, New Mexico, realised the ancients had witnessed a devastating cosmic event; a plasma storm on a massive scale. This kind of storm, a plasma instability, occurs when gasses can no longer hold their electric charge and collapse, creating a variety of charged shapes and forms. Electrified gas is plasma. The Squatting Man was a column of plasma with several stacked toruses which would have rotated, wavered and warped upwards and down as its charge disseminated. As a mega multi ampere event, it would have been terrifying, magnificent, deadly and beautiful since it exuded gamma radiation. Until Peratt’s discovery the Squatting Man image has been described as a fertility or hunting symbol but the truth is far more compelling. Plasma can be scaled down; what the ancients saw was recreated. in the lab.

Even more remarkable was the discovery that plasmas creates symmetries. Some plasma columns in cross section have 56/28 fold symmetries. Trained on a metal plate in the lab a familiar imprint formed; the exact same symmetry seen in stone megaliths, the most renowned of course being Stonehenge. The 56 Aubrey Holes or chalk pits of Stonehenge mark the imprint of a specific plasma column, a cosmic chord of energy or “fohat” as described by ancient Tibetans, meaning the vital cosmic force.

In Vedic literature, the Sanskrit word “sutratma” literally means “thread soul” or that which binds all things together. It is “he who pervades all.” The sutratma is the chord which conveys the vital force or prana into a body. Earth was injected by a massive plasma sutratma. The immense flow must have travelled from Stonehenge around the globe via telluric pathways.

The stone circle of Avebury shows a similar energetic imprint of a plasma column cross section which is also represented perfectly in the “Owl” crop circle of Woodborough hill 2009. Similar features appear at Chankillo, Peru, and in Australian aboriginal rock art.

Wandijna: Aboriginal sacred creator

The Australian Aboriginal image of Wandijna, describes a power source. “Kimberley people believe that the Wandjina undertook creative journeys which left the land and all living matter in its present form.”

The Squatting Man and Owl crop circles represent electromagnetic phenomena. Many other crop glyphs indicate electromagnetic fields as ordering phenomena on Earth. Comparisons of crop circle details and electromagnetic conduction at sub atomic level reveal the same patterns. These patterns are found throughout nature as are the substances to conduct them such as the iron in blood and the iron core of Earth. The Squatting Man plasma event of the Neolithic age may have created a specific magnetic field for Earth and its life cargo to remain magnetised and therefore receptive to cosmic influence in the future.

Many crop circle patterns show the hexagonal geometry of carbon, the scaffold of Earth life. Research from Lawrence Berkley Lab’s Advanced Light Source and the Experimental Physics Institute of Leipzig have shown carbon can be permanently magnetized at room temperature via application of a beam of photons. Since a photon is just a unit of light or electromagnetic emanation, celestial events such as plasma columns or “lightning of the gods” impacting Earth will be conducted from the macrocosm to the microcosm in perfect tandem with the nature of the receiver. Work by Russian scientists Gariaev and Poponin showed DNA is a conductor and storer of light. Our own bodies contain a spiral flow system of essential electricity or kundalini, the “shushumna.” This energy flows from the highest corresponding location in the pineal gland to the cell. On a celestial scale this “lightning” is dramatic! We are designed to receive it.

Universal mythology abounds with gods who bore weapons of thunder and lightning from above; Indra, Marduk, Zeus, Jupiter, Thor, Perun, Aplu, Lei Gong, Tialoc, Chaac, Set, Sango, Mamaragan are a few. Indra’s weapon, the Vajra or thunderbolt has a specific shape which is also seen in the lab as a stage of a plasma instability.

The top two images are cross sections of lab created plasma and below are various styles of Vajra or thunderbolt weapons seen in ancient art/sculpture.

As the plasma fades it also reveals the chalice shape or Holy Grail. A symbol of vast importance.

Is it possible the Manton Squatting Man crop formation is both telling us something about our evolutionary story? That another Squatting Man may return? There is another sutratma to come? The signs continue to appear.

The beautiful serpentine formation of West Woodhaye, Wilts, UK in 2011 shows us the Herbig Haro object 111 in Orion, a constellation deeply significant in ancient Egyptian cosmology and religion. The plasma jet in this object is twelve light years long. The constellation of Orion is where ancient Egyptians held rebirth and afterlife occurred. Why has the image of a serpentine plasma jet appeared to us now, at the time when scientists

are able to create scaled versions of cosmic events? Is it reminding us of the fundamental cosmic force, celestial kundalini which returns at the passing of great epochs to enliven the planet and its inhabitants?

(Left Image: centre West Woodhaye 2011

(Right Image:

By G. J. Leale

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Stonehenge Stone Circle News and Information

Does this look like an alien ship? ‘Flying saucer’ UFO is captured hovering over Stonehenge, claim conspiracy theorists

Although easy for most of a critical persuasion to dismiss or even to scoff at as an example of the credulity of some people on a par with the Flat Earth Society, the association is worthy of discussion for the very fact it exists as one star in a whole constellation of theories which the world-famous site has attracted. The alien theory has arisen through a combination of factors:

  • The paucity of written records about the purpose of Stonehenge, originating as it did in 3 phases over a 1500 year period from 3100-1600 BCE in the Neolithic.
  • The association of monoliths and stone circles with extra-terrestrial life in popular culture (e.g. Captain Kirk and co. leaping through a supersized Men-an-Tol in the 1967 Star Trek episode, ‘The City on the Edge of Forever’ the mysterious monolith in Stanley Kubrick’s film of Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, which turns out to be a galactic portal the stone circle of ‘Milbury’ – filmed in and based on Stonehenge’s sister site of Avebury – in the 70s childrens’ classic TV serial, Children of the Stones, which turns out to be conduit for sinister alien intelligences from beyond a black hole).
  • The ‘ancient astronaut’ theory perpetuated by Eric Von Daniken in his 1968 cult classic book, Chariot of the Gods, and by ‘alternative history’ authors such as Graham Hancock since. In a nutshell, Von Daniken’s hypothesis is based upon misinterpretations of Mayan iconography, and selective ‘mysterious’ landmarks around the world (e.g. Nazca lines) in a classic example of confirmation bias.

Augmenting this already potent stew we have also factor in the historical fact that Salisbury Plain has had over a century of early, experimental aviation – with some of the first test flights taking place (sometimes with catastrophic consequences, as the memorial to two tragically killed early airmen by the Stonehenge Visitor Centre attest). A squadron of the embryonic Royal Air Force, the Royal Flying Corps, was based close to Stonehenge – indeed so close, that at one point the pulling down of the iconic stones was proposed because they were considered a flying hazard to the low-flying, low-powered aircraft. Much of Salisbury Plain is owned by the Ministry of Defence. It is crisscrossed by a network of tank tracks, and sections of it are still occasionally closed off for firing practice. Not far from Stonehenge is Porton Down, home of a biological testing centre. The deserted village of Imber, evacuated by the MOD for use in preparation for D-Day, became an Urban Warfare Unit – access is allowed only once a year for a special service in the church, but the villagers were never allowed back. So it is not surprising that with covert military operations, ghost villages, and frequent reports of unexplained lights in the sky, that the area around Stonehenge is in effect a British ‘Area 51’.

‘UFO’ snapped hovering over Stonehenge being probed by alien investigators

The phenomenon of strange lights witnessed at ancient sites – stone circles in particular – is well-documented by the likes of Paul Deveraux, who suggests that these ‘earthlights’ are a result of geomagnetic pressures which the stone monuments of the ancient were expressly designed to somehow channel. Anyone who has photographed such places only to find their shots populated by distinctive orbs would no doubt agree that there is something there. It is tempting to think that these lights may have at one time been the cause of cautionary folklore and folk tales about the so-called ‘little people’ commonly believed to be connected with such liminal places, and with a shift into the technological paradigm of the 20 th Century, these were reframed as ‘little green men’ instead, especially after the Post-War advent of Atomic testing and explosion in UFO sightings in the heights of the Cold War paranoia. When one surveys the Stonehenge landscape and beholds ‘saucer’ barrows and enigmatic lines in the land (e.g. the 1.9 mile long Cursus) it is all too easy to get carried away. It is perhaps no coincidence that the heavy usage of psychedelics at Stonehenge, especially during the dozen years of the Stonehenge Free Festival, has helped sear into the consciousness of many a stoned pilgrim the possibility of an alien presence or even purpose behind the immemorial monument. For these the sarsens became interstellar portals and like a lysergically-influenced astronaut, it would be easy to exclaim with some earnestness: ‘My God, it’s full of stars.’

Whatever the various factors which have led to the myth that ‘aliens built Stonehenge’, or that it is some kind of star gate, and however fanciful such notions might seem, we cannot rule out entirely the possibility the existence of extra-terrestrial life – for in an infinite universe all things are possible. To lockdown the numinous, the magical, and the mysterious with a reductive empiricism is missing the point of such sites – which were surely designed with some wish to instil awe and wonder into their beholders. Nothing that took 1500 years to build is going to be purely practical. It was an act of faith over several generations. And, as Shakespeare said: ‘They are more things in Heaven and Earth … than are dreamt of in your philosophy.’

GUEST BLOGGER: Dr Kevan Manwaring is an author, lecturer, and specialist tour-guide. His books include The Long Woman (a novel which features Stonehenge and Avebury), Lost Islands, Turning the Wheel: seasonal Britain on two wheels, Desiring Dragons, Oxfordshire Folk Tales, Northamptonshire Folk Tales, and more. He is a keen walker and loves exploring the ancient landscape of Wiltshire, where he lives with his archaeologist partner.

Crop Circle Appears Near Stonehenge

Stonehenge has always been one of those incredible sites that has inspired people for generations to continue moving forward in their spiritual development. It is seen as a sort of place of pilgrimage for certain practicing druids as well as others like them who are interested in the ancient history of the Celts. And now they are teaming up with UFO watchers and crop circle enthusiasts who are investigating the strange crop circle that appeared just outside the ancient site earlier this month.

Stonehenge is one of those monuments that exudes mystery. The moment you step near it, the majesty of the stones and the sheer mystery of the history behind it are almost too much to process. And yet after a long investigation spanning several generations, few answers have definitively arisen. And now yet another mystery has been thrown into the mix. Just what caused a 200 foot crop circle to suddenly appear from nowhere just across the road? As with other crop circles in the past, this latest one has its share of theories to go along with it.

Over the years several have said that these strange formations are the work of extraterrestrials interested in communicating. They are said to create the crop circles either from a distance or by hovering over them beaming down bolts of energy that impact and transform the individual stalks of the crops themselves. The symbols involved have indeed seemed to betray some thus far undecoded message left behind by mysterious alien visitors – often appearing as strands of almost human, but noticeably altered DNA, the answers to longtime mathematical riddles, and even pixilated images of alien visitors themselves. Currently the theory that aliens may be behind the crop circle phenomenon is widely held in the UFO community.

But there are other theories as well, including the possibility that the crops could be coming from a thus far unexplained natural weather phenomenon such as influence from the Earth’s magnetic field or possibly by geological disturbances. The strangest part of this theory is that it seemingly suggests that either these forces have a conscious mind and even a sense of humor or deception, or that the crop circles involving extraterrestrial intelligence and mathematical answers are one of the largest coincidences in the history of the world. Or these ones are simply hoaxes.

But whatever the cause, the crop circle near Stonehenge is generating its fair share of puzzled looks and much attention from UK media sources. The crop circle is comprised of three different circles surrounded by twelve sections arranged in a larger circle and a ring surrounding it. The three circles are divided in half circles and could possibly be referring either to moon phases, seasons, or something else entirely. In 2012 most sources suggest we will be seeing more crop circles related to the Mayan calendar regardless of the source as the circles in the past have been arranged in ways that seem to respond to Earthly events in the consciousness of humanity.

7. Arkaim

Known as the Russian Stonehenge, Arkaim is an impressive site dating back to 2000 to 3000 years BCE and is located in the Southern Urals of the country. It is believed to have been a fortress, with a layout very similar to the city of Troy. The site is surrounded by a moat and is composed of two circular walls with an outer diameter of 160 meters. Among other things discovered about Arkaim were a water and drainage system, a system of mines, pottery, and ritualistic remains and artifacts.

The fortress thrived for nearly 200 years before its occupants abandoned it. The biggest mystery surrounding it is who inhabited its vast halls and houses? Though there is no real answer to this question, some archaeologists believe the fortress was occupied by an ancient Indo-European people, like the Aryans.

Crop Circles: The Art of the Hoax

When Doug Bower and his co-conspirator Dave Chorley first created a representation of a “flying saucer nest” in a wheat field in Wiltshire, England, in 1976, they could not have foreseen that their work would become a cultural phenomenon.

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Almost as soon as crop circles became public knowledge, they attracted a gaggle of self-appointed experts. An efflorescence of mystical and magical thinking, scientific and pseudo-scientific research, conspiracy theories and general pandemonium broke out. The patterns stamped in fields were treated as a lens through which the initiated could witness the activity of earth energies and ancient spirits, the anguish of Mother Earth in the face of impending ecological doom, and evidence of secret weapons testing and, of course, aliens. Today, one of the more vigorously promoted ideas is that they are messages, buried in complex numerological codes, concerning a Great Change connected to the pre-Columbian Mayan calendar and due to occur in 2012.

To appreciate how these exotic responses arose, we need to delve a little into history. Before today’s circle-makers entered the picture, there had been scattered reports of odd patterns appearing in crops, ranging from 17th century pamphlets to an 1880 account in Nature to a letter from astronomer Patrick Moore printed in 1963 in New Scientist. In Australia, the mid- to late-1960s saw occasional reports of circles in crops, and they were often ascribed to UFO landings. At around the same time in England, the Wiltshire town of Warminster became a center of UFO-seeking “sky watches” and gave birth to its own rumors of crop circles, or “saucer nests.” None of these, unfortunately, was photographed.

It was such legends that Bower had in mind when, over a drink one evening in 1976, he suggested to his pal Chorley: “Let’s go over there and make it look like a flying saucer has landed.” It was time, thought Doug, to see a saucer nest for himself.

Since then, crop circles have been reported worldwide in a multitude of crops. In southern England, which sees most activity, circle-makers tend to concentrate on canola, barley and wheat. These grow and are harvested in an overlapping progression: canola from April through May, barley throughout May and June, and wheat from June until early September. In recent years the occasional rudimentary pattern has been found in corn, extending the crop circle season as late as October. Since Bower and Chorley’s circles appeared, the geometric designs have escalated in scale and complexity, as each year teams of anonymous circle-makers lay honey traps for New Age tourists.

A crucial clue to the circles’ allure lies in their geographical context. Wiltshire is the home of Stonehenge and an even more extensive stone circle in the village of Avebury. The rolling downs are dotted with burial mounds and solitary standing stones, which many believe to be connected by an extensive network of “leys,” or paths of energy linking these enchanted sites with others around the country. It is said that this vast network is overlaid in the form of “sacred geometries.” The region has also given rise to a rich folklore of spectral black dogs, headless coachmen and haunted houses.

Crop circles are a lens through which we can explore the nature and appeal of hoaxes. Fakes, counterfeits and forgeries are all around us in the everyday world—from dud $50 bills to spurious Picassos. People’s motives for taking the unreal as real are easily discerned: we trust our currency, and many people would like to own a Picasso. The nebulous world of the anomalous and the paranormal is even richer soil for hoaxers. A large proportion of the population believes in ghosts, angels, UFOs and ET visitations, fairies, psychokinesis and other strange phenomena. These beliefs elude scientific examination and proof. And it’s just such proof that the hoaxer brings to the table for those hungry for evidence that their beliefs are not deluded.

The maze-like qualities of crop circles act as magnets for mystical tourism. (Rob Irving) Crop circles are seen by many to enchant a mystical landscape: here, a circle pattern from 2009, 200 feet across, in a Wiltshire wheat field. (Rob Irving) Crop circle makers Doug Bower (right) and Dave Chorley planning their evening’s entertainment in Doug’s studio, 1991. (Rob Irving) Doug Bower, 2008. As the circles have increased in size so have the tools required to make them. (Rob Irving) Crop circles have always attracted scientists and, perhaps more revealingly, sociologists of science. Here, the crowd is kept back as a new circle is investigated. (Rob Irving) Today, crop circles blur the boundaries between avant-garde art and the paranormal, and are used extensively in advertising. Shown here, two members of the artists’ collective known as working in an Italian field for a sports shoe manufacturer. (Rob Irving)

False evidence intended to corroborate an existing legend is known to folklorists as “ostension.” This process also inevitably extends the legend. For, even if the evidence is eventually exposed as false, it will have affected people’s perceptions of the phenomenon it was intended to represent. Faked photographs of UFOs, Loch Ness monsters and ghosts generally fall under the heading of ostension. Another example is the series of photographs of fairies taken by Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths at Cottingley, Yorkshire, between 1917 and 1920. These show that the motive for producing such evidence may come from belief, rather than from any wish to mislead or play pranks. One of the girls insisted till her dying day that she really had seen fairies—the manufactured pictures were a memento of her real experience. And the photos were taken as genuine by such luminaries as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle—the great exponent, in his Sherlock Holmes stories, of logic.

The desire to promote evidence of anomalous and paranormal events as genuine springs from deep human longings. One is a gesture toward rationalism—the notion that nothing is quite real unless it’s endorsed by reasoned argument, and underwritten by more or less scientific proofs. But the human soul longs for enchantment. Those who don’t find their instinctive sense of the numinous satisfied by art, literature or music—let alone the discoveries of science itself—may well turn to the paranormal to gratify an intuition that mystery dwells at the heart of existence. Such people are perfectly placed to accept hoaxed evidence of unexplained powers and entities as real.

And so, the annual appearance of ever more complex patterns in the wheat fields of southern England is taken by “croppies”—the devotees who look beyond any prosaic solution for deeper explanations—as signs and wonders and prophecies. The croppies do, however, accept that some people, some of the time, are making some of the formations. They regard these human circle-makers as a nuisance, contaminators of the “evidence,” and denounce them as “hoaxers.” The term is well chosen, for it implies social deviance. And therein lies the twist in the story.

In croppy culture, common parlance is turned on its head. The word “genuine” usually implies that something has a single, identifiable origin, of established provenance. To the croppy it means the opposite: a “genuine” circle is of unknown provenance, or not man-made—a mystery, in other words. It follows that the man-made circle is a “hoax.”

Those circle-makers who are prepared to comment on this semantic reversal do so with some amusement. As far as they’re concerned, they are creating art in the fields. In keeping with New Age thought, it is by dissociating with scientific tradition that the circle-makers return art to a more unified function, where images and objects are imbued with special powers.

This art is intended to be a provocative, collective and ritual enterprise. And as such, it is often inherently ambiguous and open to interpretation. To the circle-maker, the greater the range of interpretations inspired in the audience the better. Both makers and interpreters have an interest in the circles being perceived as magical, and this entails their tacit agreement to avoid questions of authorship. This is essentially why croppies regard “man-made” circles as a distraction, a “contamination.”

Paradoxically, and unlike almost all other modern forms of art, a crop circle’s potential to enchant is animated and energized by the anonymity of its author(s). Doug Bower now tells friends that he wishes he had kept quiet and continued his nocturnal jaunts in secret. Both circle-makers and croppies are really engaged in a kind of game, whose whole purpose is to keep the game going, to prolong the mystery. After all, who would travel thousands of miles and trek through a muddy field to see flattened wheat if it were not imbued with otherworldly mystique?

As things stand, the relationship between the circle-makers and those who interpret their work has become a curious symbiosis of art and artifice, deception and belief. All of which raises the question: Who’s hoaxing whom?

The Mystery of Stonehenge, Ancient Petroglyphs and Crop Circles - History

A spectacular of a multiple 'Julia Set' Crop Circle near Wiltshire, England. 85% of all crop circles appear in England in a concentrated area about 20 miles from Stonehenge.

Crop Circles
Crop Circles are elaborate designs formed in wheat and grain fields. The stalks of the grain have been laid flat, usually in a circular or flowing pattern.

Eighty-five percent of all crop circles appear in England in a concentrated area about twenty miles from Stonehenge. However, they appear annually all over the world, even near heavily populated cities. The first seasonal crop circles of 1996 were found in Laguna Beach, California. Many dramatic crop circles have appeared in Canada, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Japan, and the United States.

Crop circles often exhibit very intricate designs done on a large scale.

Some History
Crop circles first began appearing in grain fields in England in 1975. In 1990 the designs of these circles became increasingly more complex.

The Designs
Crop circle formations are absolutely stunning in their design, intricacy, and precise measurements. Many of them are huge, covering the space of ten football fields. When carefully measured, the geometrical designs are accurate to within an eighth of an inch! This is true even if the formation is a thousand feet long! (That's the height of a hundred-story building.) For example, a hundred-foot circle will have an accurate and identical radius on all sides to within the thickness of a single stalk of grain.

Pictogram Crop Circle

Pictograms and Insectograms
Some of the more complex designs are called pictograms. Insectograms are designs that resemble insects, although there is no apparent relationship of crop circles to insects. It's just a name.

Cellular Changes
The grasses involved in crop circles all exhibit cellular changes. Anyone, with little or no training and just using the naked eye can take a stalk of grain from a crop circle and compare it to another stalk from the same field that was not a part of the crop circle and clearly see the difference. Crop-circle grass has expanded nodes and stalks will be bent up to a 90-degree angle with no breakage.

You can see the expansion and change of every single cell of the crop circle grass with a basic elementary school microscope. Although many have tried, no one has discovered any process on earth that can duplicate these cellular changes.

This crop circle in England covers several acres.

Magnetic Fields and Radioactivity
Crop circles have a strong magnetic field in and around them, which is measurable. Many crop circles also exhibit strange patterns of radioactivity in which the level of radioactivity at a given spot will fluctuate up and down. According to our laws of physics, this is thought to be impossible because radioactivity is constant. That's why it is used for carbon-dating ancient artifacts.

Close-up photo taken from inside a crop circle. Note the swirling grass patterns.

Grass Direction
True crop circles often have several layers of grass in the design. Often the bottom layers of grass will flow in one direction, while another layer on top flows in the complete opposite direction. The grass has even been found delicately braided together.

Some crop circles appear to correspond
to complicated equations developed by
French Mathematician Gaston Julia. Those crop
circles have become known as 'Julia Sets'. Julia lost
his nose in combat during World War I and wore
a protective mask.

Metallic disks
Often, thin metallic disks about the size of a quarter are found in crop circles. They have also been found near cattle mutilations. When these disks were analyzed by metallurgy labs at the University of Michigan and at MIT, they were found to be composed of a combination of titanium, silicone, and oxygen. Both labs concluded that no industrial match can be found on this planet.

Not only that, but when the disks were touched by any metal object such as tweezers or a pen, they immediately turned into a clear liquid. The labs theorized that the disks had somehow been electrically charged, with the charge maintaining the molecular structure of the disk. When touched with metal, the charge was grounded and dissipated, which allowed the "metal" to return to its true liquid form.

Could this be a chart showing orbiting planets?

Why do People Associate Crop Circles With UFOs?
1. Crop circles often appear in areas shortly after there have been UFO sightings.

2. Because nobody on earth has been able to duplicate a true crop circle, certainly not at the cellular level, the assumption is made that it must therefore be extraterrestrial in origin.

Many people experience strange sensations and have psychic visions while standing or meditating inside of a crop circle.

Some Amazing Correlations
Most crop circles in England appear near the ancient structure known as Stonehenge. Many of the formations accurately reproduce the dimensions and configurations of Stonehenge to within a few centimeters.

Based on mathematical relationships and the theories of Euclidean geometry, the measurements of various crop circles appear to demonstrate many universal laws. Their measurements have been shown to correspond exactly to:

* Notes of the musical scale.

* DNA strands and genetic relationships.

* Sacred geometry/hyper-dimensional physics.

* Ancient symbols found only in such places as the pyramids of Egypt,
Stonehenge, and Mayan and Aztec temples.

* Solar systems and asteroid trajectories.

Ironically, this list is an almost exact duplicate of the items the U.S. space program put onto the Voyager spacecraft in an effort to contact other life forms.

Crop circles often exhibit geometrical shapes

The crop circles appear to be footprints of an actual three dimensional form, much like a CAT scan. A CAT scan is a picture of a slice of a three dimensional object. For example, a CAT scan of your brain shows different regions from a slice of your brain, which is a three dimensional object.

Birds often fly around crop circle air space

Birds Fly Around Them
If we had the proper device, we might see that the crop circle is a slice of an invisible three dimensional form that surrounds it. In fact, when a flock of birds approaches a crop circle, it splits ranks to avoid flying above the formation (just as if a building or a solid object were there) and then reforms after passing the crop circle.

People who stand inside a crop circle often experience a dramatic rush of emotions and increased perceptual abilities.

Most crop circles are so large, they must be photographed from the air.

What About Hoaxes?
Two farmers in England, both over the age of sixty-five when they announced themselves, claimed they were responsible for making crop circles by using wooden boards and string. Doug Bower and Dave Chorley claimed the crop circles were a hoax they perpetrated. These infamous jokers are now known simply as "Doug and Dave."

Those two old jokers, Dave Chorley (Left) and Dave Bowers (Right)

As the crop circles began to get more publicity, they attracted thousands of sight-seers trampling across private crops and farm land. The claim by the farmers is well known to be an attempt by locals to stop this trespassing and loss in revenue from damaged crops.

Crop Circle formation near Stonehenge

Some Key Points:
When asked to demonstrate how they made the circles, the farmers pushed down a few feet of grass with a board, but refused to create an entire formation.

Many crop circles have appeared on the same night, often hundreds of miles apart. Crop circles have also appeared in Canada on the same nights as these farmers claimed to have created circles in England.

The two farmers have been unable to recreate the cellular changes in the grain or the accompanying magnetic and radioactive fields. They also could not duplicate the 90-degree bends without breaking the grasses. And lastly, they could not get the grasses to flow all in the same direction.

Dave Chorley has since died and crop circles have continued to appear every year.

Crop circles have appeared in many countries around the world,
including England, United States, Canada, Germany, Australia,
Brazil, Japan and Germany.

A number of eyewitnesses claim to have seen crop circles created within a matter of seconds. The formations were so complex that it would have taken an army of people many hours just to attempt to create it by hand.

On July 8, 1996 three people all witnessed the formation of an elaborate crop circle. A groundskeeper and a security officer had walked by a wheat field at about 5:30 p.m. The field was completely normal. At the same time a pilot flew his plane over the field and stated that the field was normal. Less than an hour later the pilot flew back over the field and discovered a huge crop circle. He was so excited by his discovery he radioed it in to the Thruxton Airport. The security officer and groundskeeper were also shocked when they returned within the hour and found the crop circle.

The crop circle that the three witnesses found was the design of a very complicated mathematical equation which had been discovered by French mathematicians in the early 1900s, a calculation known as a Julia Set. The crop circle was comprised of 149 circles stretching over a square acre.

Large "Julia Set" crop circle comprised of 96 perfectly formed circles
based on the geometry of French mathematician Gaston Julia.
(Photo courtesy of Linda Moulton Howe)

Recently, a videotape surfaced which purported to show the actual creation of a crop circle. The video shows a ball of light descending from the sky. It rapidly circles a grain field, creating a crop circle and then shoots off into space at a high rate of speed. It all looks pretty impressive, except the guy who showed up with it is known to be a special effects whiz on the computer. So, odds are it's a fake.

'Mandelbrot Fractal' crop circle formation near Wiltshire, England

Phone Home
Crop circles are a mind-boggling phenomenon. Their implications are dramatic, and they are studied very seriously by other countries in the world. Unfortunately, in the United States they are relegated to the front page of tabloids and to television shows like "Unsolved Mysteries." The momentary claim of a hoax is all the American public is likely to hear about. These circles appear to be literal and congruent responses to the signals we sent out to the universe in the name of science.

It may be that someone has returned our call!

This crop circle known as an 'Insectogram' is over one thousnd feet long.

Theories About Crop Circles
There are about as many theories about what crop circles are or what they mean as there are people on this planet. However, there is one theory that I feel stands head and shoulders above the rest, and here's why:

1. It is the only theory into which virtually every crop circle ever created seems to fit. In fact, according to this theory, every crop circle is needed, like pieces of a giant puzzle.

2. The person who discovered this applied a simple but logical approach and came up with an all-encompassing concept.

3. This theory seems to work and I have not seen a better, more thoroughly researched explanation.

4. This is really self-serving, but I like this theory because it ties in perfectly to this book.

Flying Saucer Theory
This is essentially what the theory says, that crop circles are really telling us how to construct our very own flying saucer. A former Air Force and commercial airline pilot for twenty-four years, Doug Ruby decided to take a simple approach in his investigation of crop circles: Why not treat them like schematics?

Were Aliens and Flying Saucers involved with building Stonehenge?

Ruby approached each crop circle as if it were a flat, two-dimensional schematic of a three-dimensional item, just like a blueprint is for a building. He started with the least complicated crop-circle designs first. Then, he simply built the item.

After he built the first items, they didn't look like much. They looked like some partially constructed toy from a child's Tinker-toy set. Then Ruby had an intuitive thought: Why not spin the item, put it in motion? Voila! When the objects were spun they literally took on a whole other dimension. For example, it became apparent that one part that merely looked like a ball stuck on a pole was representing an energy field that could only be seen when it was spun. Without spinning the model these energy fields would have remained invisible.

A Logical Progression
Ruby also discovered that each crop circle builds on the other ones. Fortunately he started out with photos or diagrams of almost all the major crop circles that had ever been created, which gave him, essentially, a full set of blueprints when he started, allowing him to actually "see ahead" as he constructed each model, just like an engineer or architect.

A Working Model
When scale models are built from these blueprints and they are all put together the crop circles tell us exactly how flying saucers are built, how they work, what powers them, and why they are shaped like saucers. The crop circles are an amazing presentation of a technical puzzle and Ruby's work ends up being sheer genius.

Ruby has had confirmation of his theories and models from nuclear physicists and engineers. The crop circles even diagram the power source and tell how it works.

Adamski Beamships
When Ruby assembled models of the spacecraft from the crop circle schematics, the models look exactly like the type of flying saucer commonly referred to as the "Adamski beamships." Ruby's description of how the ships work confirms the statements of many people over the years about the rotating rings on the saucers as well as the interference with electrical devices.

Key Element
There is, however, one little problem, one that would prevent our scientists from building one of these craft to spec right now. The crop circles identify an atomic particle which has no charge as being the key particle in powering the ship. Our scientists say that's impossible. Of course, we now know that nothing is impossible!

Crop Circle formation. Like this one, many are a thousand feet or more in length. (Photo courtesy of Linda Moulton Howe)

Those Two Farmers
Remember those two old farmers I mentioned earlier? Well, they almost fouled up the whole works. After the farmers lied and said they were responsible for creating the crop circles, the next batch of circles appearing in 1991 and 1992 were pretty much ignored. People thought these two geezers were up to their old tricks, so these circles almost got lost forever. Fortunately some people took and kept some photos of them. Without these photos, Ruby might not have been able to complete the puzzle.

Often crop circles reflect the discovery of 'Fractal'
equation geometry developed by mathematician
Benoit Mandelbrot seen in the 2007 photo above

In addition to crop circles appearing in grain fields, large sets of numbers have appeared as well. In one instance, the following equation appeared in a Kansas grain field in 1991:

It appears to refer to Element 97 on the periodic chart of atomic elements. Element 97 is berkelium which has an atomic weight of 247. It is the element thought to be used to power flying saucers.

The Government
Shortly after this equation appeared it was eradicated by agents from the U.S. government, or people who said they were from the government. Anyway, it was a clear indication that someone doesn't want the crop circles deciphered.

Art or Engineering?
Whether you appreciate the crop circles as art or engineering, there is no doubt we are being communicated with by an amazing intelligence. It is clear this information is being given to all humanity out of love and caring. You think some people bent on evil intent would spend their time doing this? You're lucky to be here, right now.

If you have any interest in crop circles at all, whether as art or engineering, I highly recommend Doug Ruby's book. The title of Ruby's book ('The Gift') tells exactly what the crop circles are: a gift!

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