Bloomington Hospital

Bloomington Hospital

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Bloomington Hospital, a health care provider in Bloomington, Indiana, is known for delivering excellence in high-quality, cost-effective healthcare services to the residents of nine counties in south central Indiana. It is committed to provide full continuum of services through innovation, technology and collaborative partnerships.Opening in November 1905, Bloomington Hospital is a cluster of excellent facilities including the Olcott Center for Cancer Education, Center for Women & Children, Outpatient Service Area, and the Center for Occupational Health. The hospital stands to the forefront in its cancer, cardiovascular, diabetics, and psychiatric care.The Hospice of Bloomington Hospital, established in 1979, is the only non-profit hospice in Monroe County fulfilling the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of patients. It helps people to remain at home with their loved ones during the last phase of illness.Further, a number of programs and clinics are offered through the hospital’s Community Health Services. Outstanding long-term care facilities are available.The Medical Transport Service provides assistance in traveling to and from the hospital. In addition, the hospital operates Promptcare Clinics at two convenient locations in Bloomington - 3443 West Third and 326 South Woodcrest.Special programs and activities are organized for the wellness of the senior citizens. Interpreter services are available for non-English speaking patients.Facilities such as the information desk, cafeteria, chapel, spacious waiting areas, and gift shop are included for visitor’s convenience.

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