Arlington Stadium

Arlington Stadium

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Arlington Stadium, originally named Turnpike Stadium, is located adjacent to Six Flags over Texas on the west side of the amusement park at the northwest corner of East Randol Mill Road and Ballpark Way, in Arlington. It was the former home of the Texas Rangers Major League Baseball team.Built in 1965, Arlington Stadium was used as a minor league ballpark for its first seven years. The park was renamed Arlington Stadium when the Washington Senators announced their move to Texas.After the 1993 season, the Rangers moved to the asymmetrical Ballpark in Arlington (later renamed Ameriquest Field), built across the parking lot from Arlington Stadium. Arlington Stadium was demolished in 1994.Ameriquest Field, designed by David M. The $191 million stadium, at approximately 1,400,000 square feet, took 23 months for its completion and features modern innovations such as an infield tarp that is mounted on hydraulic lifts and stored below ground level along the left-field line.It was designed in Texas architectural style and contains a granite and brick facade, exposed structural steel, and an asymmetrical playing field featuring a "home run porch" in right field. On top of the offices in center field, stands a wind screen which measures 42 feet by 430 feet.This unique complex also includes a 17,000-square-foot baseball museum, a children's learning center, a four-story office building within the ballpark, a youth baseball park, a 12-acre lake, and a parks and recreation facility on the perimeter.The stadium is owned by Arlington Sports Facilities Development Authority.

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