Are there records of soldiers opinions of canned food in WWI?

Are there records of soldiers opinions of canned food in WWI?

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While reading the Wikipedia article on canning, I came across the following statement (with no citation).

Throughout the war, British soldiers generally subsisted on low-quality canned foodstuffs, such as the British "Bully Beef" (cheap corned beef), pork and beans, canned sausages, and Maconochies Irish Stew, but by 1916, widespread dissatisfaction and increasing complaints about the poor quality canned food amongst soldiers resulted in militaries seeking better-quality food to improve morale, and complete meals-in-a-can began to appear.

They were eating canned food, and it seems it was exceptionally bad. Are there records of soldiers exact opinions of this food? Also, the leaders of the time probably also would have discussed the food the soldiers were eating and their own opinions of this. Are there records of this? Or can someone point me to a good source regarding food quality for soldiers in WW1?


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