The Imaginarium

The Imaginarium

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The Imaginarium, the only hands-on Science Discovery Center in Alaska, is located in downtown Anchorage.Founded in 1987, the science and discovery center provides an opportunity to understand science and technology through exciting inquiry-based exhibits and programs.The Activity Station, Bubble Lab, Galaxy Room, Discovery Cove (Alaska’s coastal treasures), Physics and Flight, preschool learning area, and Reptile Alley are some of the sections in the center. There is a separate section for insects, as well.The Alaska Salmon life-cycle tank and electric dollhouse are also on display. Further, the wonderful world of science from the stars in the sky to the wonders in the sea, can be explored.Assemblies, workshops, home school and preschool programs, and science festivals are offered through the center. Discovery programs can be arranged for groups of 30 or more.The Imaginarium is a unique stopover for local school children, preschoolers, and visitors. The Science Center (a 10,000-square-foot facility), Upper Events Room, and Lower Events Room are available for rent.The Science Store holds an impressive collection of activity books, educational music and videos, games and toys, lab supplies for experiments, and science kits.

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