The remains of a medieval warrior and his weapons found at the bottom of a lake in Lithuania

The remains of a medieval warrior and his weapons found at the bottom of a lake in Lithuania

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The corpse has been dated to the 16th century, but the cause of death has not yet been determined.

Lithuanian archaeologists and divers have discovered skeletal remains that would correspond to a warrior from 500 years ago. The discovery occurred on the underwater slope of Lake Asveja in the eastern Baltic country, according to the Baltic News Service.

The skeleton was found along with various artifacts: a sword, two daggers, and surprisingly well-preserved leather boots.

The remains were found under a layer of mud and sand at a depth of nine meters during an underwater examination of the remains of the ancient Dubingiai Bridge, according to archaeologist Elena Pranckėnaitė, a researcher at the University of Klaipeda.

When examining the remains, anthropologists maintained that it is a young man and that he died in the 16th century, but they could not determine the cause of his death by studying the recovered material, reports the local portal Delfi.

The skeletal remains are currently being examined at the Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine, while the Lithuanian National Museum will preserve the archaeological remains found in the lake.

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