Brief history of the Europa League

Brief history of the Europa League

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Three Spanish teams compete this year in the Europa League. Real Sociedad, Granada and Villarreal participate in a competition steeped in history that each season generates a large number of sports predictions.

History of the Europa League

Football fans know the current format of the Europa League. But perhaps there is a series of data that are foreign and that have shaped this tournament whose start dates back to 1971.

The birth of the Fairs Cup

It emerged as a alternative to the Recopa de Europa. At that time, the league champion was qualifying for the European Cup and the second was playing the Recopa.

To open the doors of Europe to more clubs, this new competition arose to which the third classified and the Cup champions of the best European leagues entered.

It started out as the Fairs Cup for later, in 1999 replace the Recopa, already with the name of UEFA Cup. Until two years before, the final was played in two games.

The first UEFA Cup champion

Inter Milan were the first team to win UEFA in a neutral stadium. He did it in the Parc des Princes in Paris.

The Europa League

The first edition of the Europa League as it is currently known, it was born in 2009 to shape a more attractive tournament in which more clubs could fit.

It begins with a group stage similar to the Champions League, from which knockout rounds arise.

The first winner was Shakhtar Donetsk Ukrainian and the most recent, in 2020, Sevilla.


The all-time top scorer in the competition is the Swede Henrik Larsson, who scored 40 goals during his time at Feyenord, Celtic and Helsingborg.

In the eleven years that the tournament has been in the Europa League format, the former Atlético and Porto, Radamel Falcao, is the leader of the ranking with thirty targets.


The Sporting Lisbon Portuguese is the team that has participated the most times in this tournament, a total of 34 editions. Interestingly, he has never played the final.

Spain is the country with the most titles, 12; of which, six have been won by Sevilla. They have also raised the trophy Atlético de Madrid (3), Real Madrid (2 and Valencia (1).

Spanish teams, on the other hand, have signed five runners-up. Espanyol and Athletic Club have lost two finals each, and Alavés fell to Liverpool in 2001, in one of the most exciting finals in living memory.

England and Italy have won 9 titles, while German sum 6. The curious fact about the German victories in UEFA is that they have been achieved by five different teams and only the Borussia Monchengladbach has repeated.

Other clubs that have repeated triumphs in this competition are the Italians Inter Milan and Juventus or the british Liverpool, with 3 titles each.

There are 2 trophies for a wide group of teams such as Tottenham, Goteborg, Parma, Feyenord, Porto or Chelsea. Other countries such as Belgium, Turkey and Russia have also raised this trophy that each season gains competitiveness and level.

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