A postcard reaches the mailbox 100 years after it was sent

A postcard reaches the mailbox 100 years after it was sent

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The descendants of the recipient were located, to whom they have delivered the letter.

A postcard dated July 22, 1920 has arrived in 2020 at the Nicholson home on Gleb Road., (Norwich, UK), as reported by the Daily Mail.

Philip and Rosalie Nicholson, owners of the house for 30 years, were very surprised by the card, which has a picture of St. Paul's Cathedral in London and a red penny stamp with the image of King George V.

The text of the postcard

Dear Evie, I'm sorry I didn't have time to respond to your letter earlier, but if you accept us as we are, you will be welcome. Send me a card to know when I'm waiting for you. Hope you have good weather. Your dear cousin Florrie.

That's what the handwritten message says.

The Nicholsons have no idea who Eva Browne was, why the postcard took so long to arrive, and who deposited it in their mailbox.

"We like to think that it has been in a forgotten corner of the Norwich sorting office all this time waiting to be discovered, or maybe a local found it and decided to mail it," said Philip Nicholson.

"We hope that Miss Eva Browne has managed to reunite with her dear cousin Florrie despite not receiving the card!"

Arrival at destination

After the story was made public thanks to the local press, Eva Browne's descendants finally received the postcard.

«Eva was my grandmother's sister. I can remember my dad talking about Aunt Eva«Said his great niece Rosie Moncur Brown.

According to the 1911 census, Eva, then nine years old, lived at 72 Glebe Road with her parents Walter Browne, a 38-year-old carpenter, her mother, Elizabeth, 39, and nine siblings.

Image: depositphotos.

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