New dating suggest that the Clovis culture lasted only 300 years

New dating suggest that the Clovis culture lasted only 300 years

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The Clovis culture of North America, made its distinctive stone tools over a period of just 300 years, according to a statement issued by Texas A&M University.

Michael Waters and David Carlson of Texas A&M University and Thomas Stafford of Stafford Research have radiocarbon dated the remains of charred bones, coal and plants from ten sites of the Clovis culture in South Dakota, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Montana, Oklahoma and Wyoming, and they dated it between 13,050 and 12,750 years ago.

Waters said it's not very clear why Clovis technology came about and then it disappeared so quickly, but pointed out that the moment corresponds with the extinction of mammoths and mastodons in the region.

The weapons, he explained, may have been used to hunt down the last of the megafauna.

The new dates also show that people who lived in North and South America about 13,000 years ago had created their own adaptations to their environments, Waters added.

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