10,000-year-old giant armadillo fossil found in Paraguay

10,000-year-old giant armadillo fossil found in Paraguay

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Technicians from the Department of Archeology and Paleontology of the Ministry of Culture and the National University of Asunción rescued a fossil that corresponds to part of the shell of a giant armadillo, in the Department of Presidente Hayes.

Experts estimate that the fossil remains are of a giant armadillo, about two meters long, of the genus Neosclerocalyptus.

It is estimated that its age is at least 10,000 years,reported by the Department of Archeology and Paleontology of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage of the SNC.

The discovery of the valuable fossil was made by chance by a landowner from the town known as Paratodo, Presidente Hayes Department. The property belongs to Thilo Klassen, who notified the authorities.

The remains were extracted with special techniques for these findings and later the experts will carry out their preparation and conservation in the Laboratory of Paleontology of the Department of Geology of the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences (Facen) of the National University of Asunción (UNA).

The Ministry of Culture informsthat fossil or paleontological remains are part of thecultural heritage of Paraguay and are protected by law.

In October 2012, fossil remains of a giant sloth had been discovered in San Lázaro, Concepción Department. They were stolen, but then they appeared meters from the discovery site. Finally, they were preserved by UNA professionals.

Credit: Last Hour

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