The 8 best free Android games

The 8 best free Android games

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Android continues to surprise us more and more and as proof of this is the number of technology companies that are innovating in cellular technology using this great operating system.

Brands such as Xiaomi, Samsung, Motorola among others are creating more and more mobile devices that have Android, therefore there are more and more developers creating free games.

Which to choose? You should not worry about continuing to search the best free Android games, here we describe a list of the best of the best.


To start a list of this style, we must start with a game that has the characteristic of being multiplatform. Fortnite It was originally available for devices with the iOS operating system. The wait was a few months to have it on our Android operating system.

Currently this is the most popular game for mobile devices that exists, it is a Battle Royal type. Games of up to 100 players are played, it is available for different platforms, such as computers or consoles and they provide a very similar visual quality, it is certainly an experience. Its concept is extremely simple, the players are placed on a map and each one must search for resources and fight until only one is left alive.

PUBG Mobile

Yes other Battle royal, what can I say? These games are being the trend today. A great game that started in 2017 and is available in the iOS and Android devices.

It is also possible to have it on PC or on a console, however it is not free for these two options, instead on Android we have it free for our enjoyment.

Its gameplay is very easy to understand and you don't have to be an expert gamer to play it. Unlike other games Battle Royal with PUBG mobile it doesn't take weeks of playing to learn and win games, with just a few days you can be an expert and be the last to be alive.

It is a very good game and if you have tired of Fortnite, here you have another great option for spend hours of entertainment in games full of adrenaline and action.

Ark: Survival Evolved

A great open world game, it contains a very extensive world in which we can spend hours and hours exploring. It is possible to do scans by Earth, air Y seaWe can also discover dozens of dinosaurs, and they can be trained, raised or simply fight with these animals.

Create your own shelter, you can even play online with your friends to build a community and thus make much larger shelters.

It may unlock weapons of all kinds, such as: spears, or weapons technological, the dinosaurs can be used to take you wherever you want, without a doubt it is an adventure on our mobile.

Alto’s Adventure (free)

A much simpler game than the others, however for many gamer the simpler the better. It's a game that you already have several years on Google Play. In this game we travel in different environments with many details, causing us to challenge death by jumping through all kinds of abysses, in a game that has a side scrolling.

It is a game in which timing is everything, as we build a combo it will get much faster making it increasingly difficult to avoid all kinds of obstacles. The game has up to 180 types of lenses that we can achieve.

Everlasting summer

A game that went unnoticed, it is a title that we have available for free on Android. What is it about? His story revolves around a young man who is immersed in an incredible adventure of which he never imagined being involved, and neither are we, that's the best of the game that surprises us more with each level.

In this game we must take decisions, decisions that will undoubtedly change the entire course of history, so don't wait any longer and start downloading this free Android game.


A game that does not take up much space on our Android mobile device, with this option you can spend hours and hours of entertainment. The game is in puzzle mode, which undoubtedly makes it a game for those who like to think a lot and solve all kinds of puzzles. In total it has seventy different levels, where each one becomes more difficult than the other.

The 70 levels are divided between 7 worlds, which will be unlocked as you progress through the game. For those who do not want to have a game that takes up a lot of space on their Android device and who also want to have a game that helps them spend many hours of entertainment, try create connections at different points in order to thus generate a communication network with each level. A game that requires a lot of logic, especially for those levels that are higher.

Call of Duty: Mobile

It is impossible to miss Call of Duty: Mobile, a great game that without a doubt we were all waiting for this year. Now that it is available for Android, all those who did not play the recent Call of Duty titles because they did not have a console, will no longer be left without trying this great action game.

It's a game highly successful mobile, its launch is a few months old, so it can still be said that it is fresh out of the oven. With this game you will spend hours and hours of free entertainment with your Android mobile device.

Pokemon go

Who does not know Pokemon? If you've ever seen this animated series and liked it, it doesn't matter if you've grown up already, you must play Pokemon GO. A great game that is also free for Android devices. At the time of its creation it was quite a trend, it may be that today it is not so popular, however it has been constantly updated, and there are many players around the world playing it.

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