They find a mass grave of Nazi paratroopers in Poland

They find a mass grave of Nazi paratroopers in Poland

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A mass grave of 18 German soldiers discovered near the town of Kozlice, in southwestern Poland. The POMOST Historical and Archaeological Research Laboratory, responsible for the find, published on its Facebook page the photographs of the pit and the objects found within it.

Among these objects are hip flasks, helmets and daggers, as well as metal fragments bearing the emblem of the Luftwaffe - the Third Reich Air Force - which contained the swastika. Three identity tags made it possible to establish that the buried soldiers were paratroopers.

In addition, at least two decorations were found in the grave, one of them a Spanish Cross, the medal that was given to the Germans who participated in the Civil War in the Iberian country next to General Franco.

During the war, a German airbase was located in the area of ​​the finds - which was then considered German and not Polish - which was liberated by Soviet troops in January 1945.

As explained to the Polish portal The First News the president of POMOST, Tomasz Czabanski, near Kozlice «many things happened. Many individual tombs have been discovered in this area. […] There are still many undiscovered graves«.

You can see more images on the POMOST Facebook page.
Via RT.

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