Who were the Anabaptists?

Who were the Anabaptists?

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The Anabaptists they were a current within Protestantism that denies all value to the sacrament of baptism conferred on children, being supporters of a baptism when the person is older, in order to proceed to the true act of faith that corresponds to him.

In turn, they were in favor of a religious "communism" based on the teachings of the Gospel (anachronism, understanding communism according to its current characteristics).

Its extension, along the century XVI, covered Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Among its most prominent representatives we find Thomas Müntzer, the maximum defender from the point of view revolutionary and even extremist, or to Miguel Servet, from a perspective unitary.

Anabaptist doctrine

The Anabaptist doctrine share the Lutheran criticism of the churchBut it requires that the reform leave the exclusively theological sphere, to penetrate that of social realities.

The terrible conditions in which the peasantry lived They explained the rapid success of this sect.

The Anabaptist Revolution

In 1521, under the direction of the Anabaptist theologian Thomas Müntzer, a peasant rebellion broke out in Zwickau, which ended up becoming an open war between the nobility and the peasantry.

In Münster (Westphalia) in 1532, the Anabaptists led by John of Leiden, they took over the city, remaining in their power until 1535 and where they established the community of goods.

However the kingdom of zion, as they themselves called their territory, was completely crushed by the nobility.

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