Compilation of free online History courses

Compilation of free online History courses

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At a time when we are all in quarantine, many of us choose to take advantage of this time to be able to train, either in themes according to our work, or in those that attract us but to which we cannot dedicate the time we would like.

Therefore, we will compile in this article free history courses that we find in the different Moocs online platforms, so that you can start or continue with your training, and enjoy it with those that are freely accessible.

Free History courses on Coursera

Magic in the Middle Ages
Constitutional Struggles in the Muslim World
The Beauty of Kunqu Opera
Burgos: Deciphering Secrets of Medieval Spain
History of Rock, Part One
Greek and Roman Mythology
The Ancient Greeks
Wonders of Ancient Egypt
The Valley of the Kings

Art courses at the Prado Museum

We remind you that the new editions of the Bosco and Velázquez courses, launched by the Prado Museum in conjunction with Telefónica.

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