Book I National Prize of Archeology and Paleontology Fundación Palarq

Book I National Prize of Archeology and Paleontology Fundación Palarq

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Commemorates the anniversary of the 1st Prize in Archeology and Paleontology organized by the Palarq Foundation, the only Prize awarded in Spain for these disciplines and which is valued at 80,000 euros, with a free download book on the finalist projects.

The Biennial Award recognizes the originality and excellence of the projects currently carried out by Spanish research teams both nationally and internationally.

An international jury ruled in favor of Building Tartesos, an investigation on the tartessian culture that to date he moved more in the mythical terrain than in the real one and that through the discoveries in the Turuñuelo site, Extremadura, it will be possible to advance in the knowledge of this culture that is believed to be the first civilization in the West.

Another five excellent projects were finalists and in order to highlight these projects, they are collected in a book that download for free on their website.

In it, we find the investigations explained by the project directors themselves, explaining the results obtained, where they are and the future prospects.

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