They discover the mosaics in the lobby of the Villa di Teodorico in Galeata

They discover the mosaics in the lobby of the Villa di Teodorico in Galeata

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A mosaic featuring geometric patterns in three colors with a perimeter frame and large decorations was unearthed during the ongoing excavation campaign at the Villa di Teodorico in Galeata.

The mosaic was found in the area that served as the entrance to the Octagonal room, whose polychrome mosaic was found last year.

The area of ​​the discovery is also probably connected to other environments, which will be analyzed in future excavations.

The activities were coordinated by Alessia morigi Y Riccardo villicich, scientific administrators of the campaign carried out together with archaeologists from the University of Parma who are working on the site.

The first archaeological investigations in the Villa di Teodorico were carried out in the fall of 1942 by the Germanic Archaeological Institute of Rome, in collaboration with the then Superintendency of Antiquities of Bologna (now the Superintendency of Archeology of Emilia-Romagna).

The excavations brought to light the remains of what archaeologists of the time called "hunting palace" and belonged to gothic king Theodoric.

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