Dozens of 2,000-year-old mummies found in Saqqara

Dozens of 2,000-year-old mummies found in Saqqara

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Polish archaeologists working in Egypt have discovered several dozens of mummies from approximately 2,000 years ago, reported the outlet 'The First News'.

The mummies have been found in a hideout near the oldest pyramid in the world, that of Djoser, in the ancient cemetery of Saqqara, the main necropolis of the ancient Egyptian capital of Memphis.

The find has been made by the team of Polish archaeologists from the Department of Egyptology of the Faculty of Oriental Studies at the University of Warsaw led by Dr. Kamil Kuraszkiewicz.

It is expected that the discovery of mummified bodies Help researchers to better understand a very important site and also the religious beliefs of ordinary ancient Egyptians.

In contrast to the ornate sarcophagi and burial chambers of the pharaohs, most of the mummies discovered by this team were found lying with modest arrangements, says the Polish media.

«Most of the mummies we discovered were very modest, they only underwent basic balsam treatments and then wrapped in bandages and placed directly into hollows dug in the sandKuraszkiewicz explained.

The decoration of wooden coffins, apparently presenting hieroglyphics but they are an imitation. «The craftsman who painted it predictably could not read and perhaps tried to reproduce something he had seen before«.

Kuraszkiewicz recently led the work on the «dry pit", the deep ditch surrounding the sacred area of ​​the pyramid because he believes that there can be reflected the beliefs of the egyptians about life after death.

«The dry moat could have been a model of a path, which the pharaoh had to cross to achieve eternal life, a path with obstacles such as walls with passages located near the top, perhaps protected by dangerous creatures.«He added.

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