Conference "Reappropriating Extremadura's medieval past: the Albalat site" at the Cáceres Museum on 03/28


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Continuing with the Cycle of Conferences that began last February, the Museum of Cáceres continues to present the results of the most recent research on different aspects of Archeology, Ethnography and Art.

On this occasion, a conference is offered that includes the main novelties in the most important archaeological excavation that is currently open in the province of Cáceres, the one centered on the site of Albalat (Romangordo), to which in 2017 an important exhibition was dedicated in the museum, which later traveled to Romangordo.

When: Thursday, March 28
Time: 20:30 hours
Title: Reappropriating the medieval past of Extremadura: the site of Albalat (Romangordo, Cáceres)
Taught by: By Mrs. Sophie Gilotte. CNRS Researcher (France)
Free entrance until full capacity

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