New York Museum of Natural History Great Exhibition on Tyrannosaurus for 150 Years

New York Museum of Natural History Great Exhibition on Tyrannosaurus for 150 Years

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In celebration of your 150th Anniversary, the American Museum of Natural History in New York opens today, March 11, a huge exhibition on the Tyrannosaurus rex: “T-Rex: The Ultimate Predator”.

Everyone knows the Tyrannosaurus, but whatwe know that their young were more similar to turkeys than the big predators they would become, being even more “fluffy”?

And that evolved from a large group of dinosaurs which were, for the most part, small and fast? Did you know that the super predator had the uncanny ability to pulverize and digest bones of their prey?

These questions and many more are answered in this enormous exhibition in which it shows us the entire tyrannosaurus family, showing us its history through life-size models, including the most accurate scientific representation of the T-Rex, and also offering the possibility to participate interactively and to live the first multiplayer virtual reality experience inside the museum .

The Museum was founded in 1869 and it has a long and celebrated history of international exploration and research in paleontology, dating back to 1890.

In addition, he has a special relationship with the most famous dinosaur in the world, since The first Tyrannosaurus skeleton was discovered in 1902 by the legendary paleontologist and fossil hunter of the Museum of Natural History, Barnum Brown.

This museum also has one of the few original specimens of Tyrannosaurus on public display around the world, which is located in the Saurischian Dinosaur Hall.

The reason for celebrate its 150th anniversary With this exhibition it is simple, as Ellen V. Futter, president of the institution explains: “Dinosaurs, and the Tyrannosaurus Rex in particular, are such an important and iconic part of the Museum, that it seems appropriate to celebrate our anniversary with a major new exhibit on the ever-intriguing “king of the dinosaurs,” sharing the latest scientific advances on him. dinosaur with audience”.

Visitors will see a life-size model of the T-Rex with its feathers, the definitive representation of this super predator. In addition, you can see reconstructions of various hatchlings, a juvenile T-Rex; you will be able to hear their roars, and enjoy different multimedia options, in addition to the huge collection of fossils of this dinosaur that the Museum has on display for this celebration.

The exhibition also offers the evolutionary history of this species, showing more than 100 million years of evolution until reaching the dreaded Tyrannosaurus, exhibiting more than two dozen different species that led to the appearance of the super predator.

Where: New York Museum of Natural History
When: from March 11, 2019 until August 20, 2020.

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