New strategies to develop and promote Herculaneum

New strategies to develop and promote Herculaneum

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The administrators of the Herculaneum archaeological park, city sister of pompeii, have commented that for this year they hope to be able to carry out various plans to improve the place, and hope to achieve with this that visitors continue to increase (last year it grew by 9% in total).

Among the plans they will develop are the permanent opening of the ancient theater, holding exhibitions throughout the area and restoration work in the domus.

The 2019 program establishes some openings on a permanent basis such as the theater, presents more structured and richer summer activities than last year and will open even more to residents with various conference cycles”Explained Francesco Sirano, director of the park.

We will open the park to exhibitions throughout the area and we will continue with the collaboration strategy with institutions in the area, as well as with schools, associations and national and international institutions so that everyone can enjoy the growth of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.”He added.

The park will initiate a project to stabilize the area of ​​the Villa of the Papyri, among other areas, in collaboration with the city of Herculaneum and the Packard Foundation, with the aim of connecting the ancient city with the modern one.

This project will include tearing down a wall in Via Mare and replace it with a much more spacious type of protection, to make the road a strategic point between the old theater and the famous used clothing market in Via Pugliano.

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