Slavic mythology: the goddess Kostroma

Slavic mythology: the goddess Kostroma

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Kostroma is the East Slavic goddess of fertility, and its name derives from the Russian word kostyor, What does it mean "bonfire”.

She was the daughter of Simargl (deity represented as a lion or winged dog) and Kulpalnitsa (goddess of the night), and sister of Kupala.

Semik's rites were dedicated to her, and during this festival, a girl in disguise or a straw girl represented Kostroma.

First, a scarecrow was worshiped and honored, which was later torn or burned at the stake.

According to legend of Kupalo and Kostroma, was the twin sister of Kupalo (or goddess Kupala in other myths).

This ritual was aimed at improve soil fertility.

The kostroma scarecrow it is part of East Slavic folklore.

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